Catellus, a ProLogis Company

Alameda Landing, Alameda Point

We generated community support for a 77 acre mixed use redevelopment of the former Fleet Industrial Supply Center. Coordinate and manage a stakeholder data base, facilitated meetings with elected officials and appointed decision makers, organized and oversight community forums, workshops and open houses.

Commercial Recycling Facility

Oakland, CA

We represented four west Oakland businesses in contesting the placement of an incompatible business. Our team created stringent mitigations that were accepted by the Oakland city staff and Planning Commission.

Consultant to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment


PK assisted with the technology transfer in the areas of environmental standards, mitigation and remediation.

Dream Builders

Alameda, CA

Mediated and negotiated a settlement of a 13 year lawsuit to create an entitlement process for approximately 10 acres of prime property located on the waterfront of Alameda. Facilitate tentative and final map approval.

Harbor Dredging Project, Street Vacation

Port of Oakland, CA

Project facilitation and community outreach for the Port of Oakland Maritime Division -50 Foot/Turning Basin Project. Responsible for coordinating the smooth relocation of businesses located in the project area and generating community support to allow construction of the $190 million infrastructure upgrade project. We provided project leadership and community outreach for the Port of Oakland Maritime Street Vacation Project. Facilitated the process of changing several streets in the Port Area to non-designation status between the Port, City of Oakland and the Army to allow reorganization of streets and traffic in the Port area.

Media and Public Relations Facilitation

San Leandro, CA

Consultant to the City of San Leandro on projects which included community outreach, message development, city council and staff briefings, media relations and PowerPoint presentation.

North American Eagle

Alameda and Oakland, CA

Facilitating local media outreach for major redevelopment opportunities throughout the East Bay.

Oakland Inner Harbor Tidal Canal Transfer & Development

Alameda and Oakland, CA

Hold joint responsibility for several key components of the Army Corps of Engineers' transfer project including: Management Plan Development and Implementation, HTRW (environmental) Surveys, Community Outreach/Public Meetings, Title Research, inter-governmental coordination, Moratorium, permitting, and licensing facilitation with local residents.

Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Alameda and Contra Costa County

Our team assisted with all Government and public affairs, contractor issues tracking, and project execution. Coordination and project management efforts include the organization of the first-in-kind utilities coalition to work in conjunction with the City and County Engineering Advisory Committee to standardize trench sizes and performance guarantees, and assisted in resolving additional project related issues.

Peet's Coffee and Tea

Alameda, CA

We continue to facilitate the North Loop Business Group to challenge land use change from industrial to residential in the Harbor Bay Business Park. Continue to work with the NLBG and the community to work toward a positive solution to the residential placement.

Rock Wall Wine Company

Alameda, CA

Facilitated the first private construction permits with the US Navy, US Fish and Wildlife and the City of Alameda. Project manager for the creation of the visitor/event center.

Specific Plan Process

Mandela Parkway, Oakland, CA

PK represented business/land-owner in assisting creation of specific policy that had been submitted to the Oakland city staff by an association of local businesses.

Warmington Homes


Ensured the smooth process of entitlements, tentative map, design review and final map for Marina Cove, a 40 unit infill residential project.

Waste-Fuel Power Plant Project


Consultant for facilitation of negotiations between Government of Thailand and major United States Corporation for construction and operation of waste-fuel-powered electric generation plants in Thailand. Negotiated and prepared a Memorandum of Understanding between the United States Corporation and the Thai government in regard to the waste-fuel power plant project.