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Assisting corporations, businesses and private persons in Alameda, the Bay Area and Beyond

We simplify the complex. Our role is to streamline the communication process.In development projects that means moving through the approval process and meeting the regulatory objectives. PK Consultants serves as an extension of your strategic management team to provide an intense burst of resources and experience to help avoid the obstacles that can easily derail viable projects.

PK Consultants draws upon a wealthy background of experience in projects large and small.

Alameda Point

We have recognized certain patterns across numerous negotiations with governmental and public bodies, and apply the same rules of success to the unique characteristics of your challenge. We lend structure to the process; establish a context for evaluation; and provide information essential to sound decision making.


  • Event planning
  • Coordination of construction projects
  • Government permits

Alameda 4th of July Parade

Giving Back: We are serving on the committee overseeing the parade's organization. Visit the event web-site: http://www.alamedaparade.com/.

Warmington Homes

Ensured the smooth process of entitlements, tentative map, design review and final map for Marina Cove, a 40 unit infill residential project.